Landscape & Lawn Care Guide (Part 3)


Watering Sod

  • Watering must be started immediately after the sod is installed.
  • It is essential that enough water e put down the first time to thoroughly soak the sod an soil under the sod. You can check the moisture content by lifting up a flap of the and sticking you finger into the soil. It should be moist several inches deep.
  • After the first watering, water enough to keep the soil under the sod moist. In cool weather you may only need to water every 3-4 days. DO NOT ALLOW THE SOD OR SOIL TO DRY OUT BETWEEN WATERING.
  • Water anytime the sod has a dry pale blue gray color or if the grass does not spring back after walking on it.

Seeded Lawn

  • For newly seeded lawns it is important to water daily for the first 2 weeks. The best time to water is in the morning.
  • Once the grass starts growing, water 2-3 times per week or more in hot dry weather.
  • Keep the new seed moist but not saturated. Straw holds moisture so DO NOT REMOVE THE STRAW until after the first mowing.

It is important to know that frequent shallow watering is not good for your lawn.  Shallow watering causes the root system to grow near the surface. Water less often but water deeply. Over time the roots will follow the water down into the soil and you will have a lush healthy turf.

Wide temperature variations are quite common in our region and the wrong grass seed mixture can make establishing a lawn extremely difficult. Our KIEFER’S SPECIAL BLEND grass seed was specifically designed with cool and warn season grasses to combat the cold hard winters as well as the hot and humid summers we experience in our area.

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