Landscape & Lawn Care Guide (Part 2)


  • It can take several years for a transplanted tree to establish its root system.
  • Each inch of caliper of a tree is equal to 1 year of establishment for the root system.

For example a 2 inch caliper tree will require 2 full years after planting to establish a strong root system.

  • A transplanted tree must receive 10 GALLONS OF WATER PER WEEK for EVERY 1 INCH OF CALIPER.

For example a 2 inch caliper tree would require 20  GALLONS OF WATER PER WEEK which is about 2.6 GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY.

To determine the caliper of a tree measure the width of the tree trunk 2 to 4 inches above ground level.

  • If there is less than 1 inch of rainfall per week the tree will need to be WATERED TWO TIMES PER WEEK.
  • In cooler temperatures the tree will need to be WATERED ONE TIME PER WEEK. WATER FOR ONE MINUTE OR UNTIL WATER BEGINS TO FLOW OUT OF THE GROUND.  When water flows out of the ground by the tree it signifies that the soil  surrounding the root system is well saturated.


  • Spring Blooming Deciduous Shrubs can be pruned to shape after they have flowered.
  • Summer Blooming Deciduous Shrubs should be pruned prior to March 30th. They can be  lightly pruned throughout the year to maintain a neat appearance.  These types of shrubs bloom on new growth so it is recommended to remove one third of the old stems every 2-3 years. The exception to this rule is Hydrangeas as most varieties bloom on old wood.  Removing old stems on a Hydrangea can result in little or no blooms for a few years.
  • Evergreens (Conifers), Broadleaf Evergreens, & Euonymus can be pruned at anytime during spring or early summer.


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