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Why Hire A Landscape Designer?

Landscape designers know how to utilize design principals throughout the landscape. This knowledge can mean the difference between a beautiful landscape and a scene of confusion.  Designers will use take advantage of site views and natural surroundings while working with constraints such as utilities, property lines, and bad views. The house and its grounds should also be integrated within the overall design. A good landscape designer will listen to a clients ideas and concerns, explain the impact this will have on the landscape, and apply all the information available to the landscape design.

Of course you can. Doing your own landscape can be very therapeutic and it’s great exercise. It can also be hard and time consuming. Use common sense when making this decision, ask yourself some questions before you decide.

  1. Is this my first landscaping project?
  2. Am I planning of doing a little area or a large area?
  3. Do I understand how to achieve the correct drainage, pitch, etc. to avoid future problems?
  4. What kind of plants work best for what I want to do?
  5. What kind of plants do I want? Perennials, Grasses, Shrubs, Evergreens, Trees?
  6. What kind of plants would work best for my lifestyle?
  7. Do I know how plants work together in landscaping?
  8. How much time and work will I want to put into working in my yard?

There is a lot of information you will need to know if you want your landscaping to last a long time. One good rain storm could wash away all of your hard work. To get the most out of your landscape you will need to do research on the types of plants you want to implement in your landscape. By hiring a professional that has knowledge you can rest easy knowing they have the knowledge and experience to arrange the right plants in the right order to give you a long lasting beautiful landscape that fits your lifestyle.

Experience, Knowledge, and Quality. Chet Kiefer, the President of Kiefer Landscaping, LLC, started out at the age of 7 mowing lawns with his brother and hasn’t stopped since. In 1991 Kiefer Landscaping was opened for business. What started with a small boy mowing lawns has grown into a local company that employs nearly 30 people. Since 1991, Kiefer Landscaping has provided residential and commercial landscape design, construction and lawn maintenance. Whether it’s a plant from our retail department or a whole new landscape, Kiefer Landscaping will always

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