Core Aeration

What is Core Aeration?

Core Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil and thatch from a lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This allows the grass roots to grow deeper producing a stronger and thicker lawn. This is done by using a machine with hollow tines. It is much more effective than using solid tines that simply makes holes in the soil and causes more compaction. By removing plugs of soil you are also allowing the soil to become less compacted. The wholes left from the plugs are about 3/4 inch in diameter and about 4 inches deep. These holes will allow more nutrients to get to the grass roots as well as separate the soil.

Does My Lawn Need Aerated?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, your lawn needs aerated:

  1. Does your lawn get heavy use?
  2. Does your lawn have more than 1/2” thick thatch layer?
  3. Is your lawn compacted?
  4. Do have water puddling on the lawn after a rain?
  5. Do you have heavy clay soil?
  6. Do you have thin, patchy, or bare spots in your lawn?

Common Questions about Aeration

  1. When should I Aerate?
  2. The best time to aerate is in the spring and fall when the soil is moist.

  1. How often should I aerate?
  2. You should aerate your lawn at least once a year. If your soil drains poorly or is heavily compacted aerate twice a year.

  1. Can I over seed my lawn after aeration?
  2. This is a great time to over seed. The seed will fall into the holes left from aeration increasing the seed to soil contact.

  1. Should I apply a fertilizer after aeration?
  2. A fertilizer will give your lawn a big boost now that you have aerated and the grass roots have access to more nutrients.

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