Viola Perennial Shrub Diseases:


Aster Yellows:

Symptoms-Leaves are yellowed and narrow rather than oval. An abnormally high number of shoots form.

Management-Remove infected plants. Control leafhoppers.

Bacterial Infection:

Symptoms-An abnormally high number of shoots form

Management-Remove infected plants.


Black Root Rot:

Symptoms-Plants are yellowed, stunted and die.

Management-Try to maintain the soil pH below 6.2 where the violets are growing. Apply iprodione + thiophanate methyl or fludioxonil.

Crown Rot:

Symptoms-Dying plants have white fungal growth on stems at the soil line. Small, golden-tan, mustard-seed sized structures dot the white growth.

Management-Remove infected plants. Keep mulch away from the base of the plants.

Downy Mildew:

Symptoms-Leaves have purplish or yellowed areas.

Management-Apply chlorothalonil, mancozeb, mancozeb + zinc, copper sulfate or copper hydroxide in the spring when cool, wet weather prevails. Apply PureSpray Green to help control and prevent mildew.

Fungal Leaf Spots:

Symptoms-Small spots, on generally on lower leaves, enlarge and become dark purple to black, 1/4″ or more in diameter with feathery margins. Leaves then yellow.

ManagementApply PureSpray Green to help control and protect healthy plants from leaf spot.

Powdery Mildew:

Symptoms-White fungal growth develops on the upper surface of leaves.

Management-Apply PureSpray Green. An all organic spray that works great for controlling powdery mildew. BUY NOW

Pythium Root Rot:

Symptoms-Plants wilt and die as lower stems and roots discolor and die.

Management-Remove infected plants. Apply mefenoxam or metalaxyl to protect healthy plants.

Rhizoctonia Stem Rot:

Symptoms-Roots and stems brown as plants wilt and die.

Management-Remove infected plants. iprodione, iprodione + thiophanate methyl, or fludioxonil to protect healthy plants.


Symptoms-Pustules yellow-orange spores form on the underside of leaves. The upper side of the spot is yellow.

Management-Avoid overhead irrigation. Apply myclobutanil or chlorothalonil.


Symptoms-White spots with purple edges form slightly swollen areas along petioles and leaf veins.

Management-Apply thiophanate methyl, chlorthalonil, mancozeb, or chlorthalonil + thiophanate methyl to protect leaves not yet infected.

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