Twin Eagles: Defining the Art of Outdoor Cooking


Stylish Outdoor kitchens are the latest trend in outdoor entertaining. Choosing the right grill and accessories for your perfect backyard entertainment center is important. It’s your personal touch to your outdoor kitchen, a reflection of your lifestyle.

Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles design is truly unique, with exclusive geometric shapes, contoured angles, seamless welds and hi-polished accents. Every grill is an intriguing bland of modern and classic elegance.

LED Lights & Polished Edges

Blue Decorative lights illuminate the control knobs turning your grill into the main attraction, even when not in use. The exquisite hi-polished accents add luxurious refinements to your grill and accessories.


The unrivaled Grilling System, developed by award-winning Gas Engineer and owner of Twin Eagles Dante Cantal, is what separates Twin Eagles from other grills.

Every detail of the grill promotes this extraordinary Grilling System.

Twin Eagles

Dant’s experience dates back over 30 years when he first designed indoor appliances for White Westinghouse and G.E.

In 1982, Dante joined U.S. Range as the director of the Design Team, and developed cooking equipment for major hotels and restaurants.

These earlier experience set the stage for Dante’s transition to outdoor cooking appliances when he co-founded Lynx Professional Kitchen Products.

Dante’s contributions to the outdoor kitchen industry continued to grow. Danter left Lynx to devote his time to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and new grill product lines were born – namely the Dynasty, Maytag, Jennair and Duncane Meridian.

Advanced Grilling System

Twin Eagles

The Twin Eagles Grilling System is a 5 part system of advanced technology and components engineered exclusively by Twin Eagles.

  1. Drafting
  2. Direct Heat
  3. Radiant Heat
  4. Zone Grilling
  5. Hexagonal Grates

The 5 part system along with the unique channels placed between the rows of ceramic briquettes utilizes direct and radiant heat together and gives you better performance and more control of your grill. Your grill will:

  • Preheat faster
  • Reach higher temperatures
  • Deliver more intense heat when needed
  • Distribute heat evenly to the grilling surface
  • Give you complete control from one grilling zone to another
  • Use less gas

Part 1 – Drafting

When you start the burners, heat rises and creates drafting which draws clean cool air through vents at the bottom of the firebox.


    1. Keeps the heat above the burners and accelerates its movement to the cooking surface.
    1. Air/gas mixture remains constant for a more efficient flame.
  1. Eliminates stress from heat to the burners, the number one cause of burner fatigue.

*Other grills operate off the principle that heat rises. Heat will also follow the path of least resistance. Allowing heat to merely rise creates hot and/or cold spots. Parts 2 & 3 use exclusively designed briquette trays with channels that directs heat systematically.

Part 2 – Direct Heat

As the heat is pushed upward, it passes through ports located between the ceramic briquettes.


  1. Preheats your grill faster and minimizes gas use.
  2. Reaches higher temperatures
  3. Supplies intense heat preferred for searing and grilling.

Part 3 – Radiant Heat

The use if high grade ceramic briquettes distributes radiant heat evenly to the cooking surface, an important aspect for consistent grilling.

Twin Eagles briquettes are manufactured in the USA using high quality materials to form a high temperature resistant ceramic. The finished fired briquette has excellent heat capacity, allowing for even heat distribution and superior thermal shock properties to prevent disintegration of briquettes during grilling.

Part of the preheating process is bringing the ceramic briquettes to temperature. Absorbing heat into the bottom of the briquettes and transferring it out to the top takes time and gas. Twin Eagles does not rely solely on absorbing heat into the bottom of the briquettes.


  1. Briquettes reach temperature in a fraction of the time while using less gas. The pyramid shape of the ceramic briquettes distributes heat upward in multiple directions.
  2. Heat is distributed evenly to the cooking surface.

Part 4 – Zone Grilling

Your Twin Eagles grill has the ability to cook multiple food items at different temperature level at once. A divider between each burner breaks your grilling surfaces into zones. You may operate all zones at the temperature level or control each zone temperate independently.

Also with zone grilling you may grill one or two items efficiently and effectively with just one burner operating. With the heat being pushed upward from drafting the heat is concentrated in one zone and won’t spread throughout the firebox.


  1. Efficiently and effectively operate one zone only for small volume grilling. Grill steaks over one zone at one temperature and fish over another while cooking corn or asparagus over a separate zone at a lower temperature.
  2. Operate all zones at one temperature level or control the temperature of each zone independently to grill a variety of food items at once.

 Zone Dividers

Each burner is individually contained to control heat independently from one area to another. You will be able to maintain each zone with a different temperature or effectively cook with only one burner operating.

Part 5 – Hexagonal Grates

Grates on most grills serve one purpose, yo hold your food. Twin Eagles grates actually aid in the grilling process by absorbing, retaining and conducting heat into your food. The thicker (heavier) the grate the more heat it will absorb and retain.

3/8 inch hexagonal stainless steel rods are used in Twin Eagle Grates. They have over 20% more mass than most grates and 10% more mass than 3/8 inch round rods. The increased mass will retain more heat.

The flat surface of the hexagon rods gives more food to surface contact over round grates. The additional contact allows more heat to be conducted into your food.


    1. Food Cooks more evenly.
  1. Deeper and thicker restaurant-style sear marks.

*Our grills feature 3/8″ stainless steel hexagonal grates which retain more heat, enabling more heat contact to food for even cooking. Plus, these grates generate dark, deep, professional restaurant-style sear marks.


Quality you will immediately see, feel and trust. The latest laser cutting technology allows Twin Eagles to create the precise geometric shapes unique to its signature styling.

Quality Control is assured throughout every step of the manufacturing process resulting in superior craftsmanship that will withstand and endure the harsh elements of the outdoors and bring you and your family timeless enjoyment.

Hand Crafted

*Each Twin Eagles grill and accessory is individually hand crafted with pride and incredible attention to details, ensuring that ever product has the proper fit and finish.

Defining the Art of Outdoor Cooking

Twin EaglesCreative design, innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and impeccable quality control – all under one roof!

Twin Eagles develops, from design prototyping to testing to final production, gas grills and outdoor kitchen accessories at their state-of the-art company owned facility in Cerritos, California.Twin Eagles

The Twin Eagles family consists of passionate, highly trained designers, engineers and skilled craftsmen bringing you exquisite products and clearly … Defining the Art of Outdoor Cooking.

 Proudly serving the communities of Effingham IL, Champaign IL, Mattoon IL, Charleston IL , Greenville IL, Mt. Vernon IL, Newton IL, Olney IL, Shelbyville IL, Salem IL, Urbana IL, Vandalia IL, Highland IL, Flora IL and all of Southern & Central Illinois for over 20 years.