Engraving Stone can add a Personal Touch to any Garden or Landscape!

Here at Kiefer Landscaping we have a HUGE selection of granite boulders, brick pavers, flagstone & other decorative rock that is perfect for engraving. We recommend Pyramid Marble & Granite across the street, to do the engraving. It is convenient and they do a fantastic job!

Often times engraved stones become a focal point in a landscape. It is our goal to compliment the landscape, not distract from it. There are no set letter sizes. Each boulder must be measured so we can recommend, to you, what is the right letter / number size for that particular boulder based on what you are wanting engraved on it. Customers are then able to customize their order. Pick your font (over 200 to choose from), any art that you would like on your stone & any other requests you may have. The design is a great visual for customers who are having a hard time deciding what exactly it is they want. Each stone is custom measured and designed to create a work of art.

So get creative and have some fun!

In our opinion granite boulders are the best choice for engraving. Granite is a dense heavy stone that easily withstands the sandblasting process. These engraved granite boulders will outlive us and can even be a work of art that is passed from generation to generation.

The other types of natural stone (flagstone & sandstone) can be engraved. However, we can not guarantee that the stone will withstand the engraving process.

Because of the size of these rocks, they have a multitude of ways you can utilize them. Each boulder is unique in size, shape, and color. We can truly offer you a finished work of art when your stone is complete.

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