Is your lawn weak, thin or have bare spots?

Then you need to think about slit seeding to fill in all of those ugly dirt spots! Slit Seeding is the process of cutting seed into existing lawn without destroying or removing your existing lawn. The slit seeder utilizes closely spaced vertical cutting blades or discs to create a slit in the turf, which seeds are then placed. Along with helping your lawn grow thicker and healthier there are other advantages such as: seeds germinate faster, higher grass survival, even distribution of seed, fuller more lush lawn, and it cost much less than removing sod for new seeding.

Why Slit Seed?

There are many reasons one would want a slit seeding service. Athletic fields, thin lawns, lawns that were attacked by insects or fungus, planting a new lawn and the list goes on. The major benefit in slit seeding over conventional seeding is that you get direct seed to soil contact. When you over-seed a lawn, broadcasting seed across the surface is a good idea in trying to thicken your lawn. However, you need to have good contact with the soil for the seed to germinate. Slit seeding slices into the soil with steel blades creating furrows that the seed is then dropped into. With our slit seeding service we also apply a starter fertilizer of slow release nutrients. This is something most starter fertilizer do not contain. The goal is to feed the plant longer than usual to further develop the plant and its roots.

Getting ready for Slit Seeding!

If you are having your property slit seeded there isn’t much in the way of preparation that you need to do. Since slit seeding is designed to slice into preexisting soil and turf grass, the only thing you should be looking for is debris in the lawn, large rocks that need to be removed and keeping the grass short. We recommend that you mow your lawn at about 1″ in height before slit seeding is preformed. This will allow the slit seeder blades to easily slice into the soil and through any thatch that is currently there. In addition, it will give the new seedlings a head start as you will be “shocking” the existing grass by mowing it short. This will stunt the growth of the existing grass plants. Beyond moving debris and mowing your areas to be slit seeded, you are ready!

If it’s watered it will grow!

When you are establishing turf grass you are looking for light frequent watering’s. That’s 3 times a day (morning, noon & evening) for approximately 10-15 minutes in each spot. New grass requires gentle watering frequently for short periods of time. If you water too long then you risk the chance of water pooling on the surface and dislodging the seed that is trying to root into the ground. Your goal should be focusing on keeping the soil moist all day long. If you can do that or at least for most of the day then you are ensuring you grass will germinate!

Benefits of Slit Seeding

  • Seed Germinates Faster
  • Higher seed to soil contact than broadcasting
  • Higher percentage of seed germination
  • Higher grass/plant survival
  • Uniform distribution of seed
  • A fuller more plush lawn is developed
  • Costs much less than removing sod for new seeding
  • Less chances for disease
  • Provides seed with adequate moisture
  • Slit Seeding acts as a de-thatcher

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