Shrub Diseases

Time and time again it seems that we, as homeowners, are always fighting a never ending battle when it comes to disease and fungus on our Perennial Shrubs. Shrub diseases can have a major impact on the entire landscape and if not properly treated can lead to death in plants. The following is a comprehensive list of some of the most susceptible Perennials for disease and fungus. Not only will you be able to identify your problem but you can also purchase organic control products to help fight the battle!

Arborvitae Diseases, Symptoms & Management
Ash Tree Diseases
Azalea & Rhododendron Shrub Diseases
Black Knot Cherry Tree Diseases
Boxwood Shrub Diseases
Cankers of Hardwood Deciduous Trees
Cedar Apple Rust & Related Rusts on Ornamental Trees
Cherry Tree Diseases
Crabapple Diseases
Crown Gall
Cytospora on Spruce
Diagnosing Root Death in Woody Ornamentals
Dogwood Tree Diseases
Eutypella Canker on Maple
Fire Blight
Forsythia Diseases
Holly Shrub Diseases
Hydrangea Shrub Diseases
Juniper Evergreen Tree Diseases
Juniper Twig Blight
Lilac Shrub Disease
Maple Tree Diseases
Evergreen Needlecast Diseases
Oak Tree Diseases
Oak Tree Leaf Blisters
Oak Tree Wilt
Astilbe Perennial Diseases
Clematis Perennial Diseases
Coneflower Perennial Diseases
Coreopsis Perennial Diseases
Blanket Flower Perennial Diseases
Daylily Perennial Diseases
Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan) Perennial Diseases
Viola Perennial Diseases
Phytophora Root Rot on Woody Ornamentals
More Perennials & Perennial Diseases!

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