Keep your Landscaping in Place with Top quality Retaining Walls!

When it comes to quality installation of any kind of retaining wall system, nobody tops our expert crews. We have been installing retaining wall systems for over 20 years now and continue to be the very best when it comes to quality and service. We install a variety of retaining walls such as: The Allan Block Collection, The Ashlar Block collection, Bedford Stone, Windsor block, Old Country. We also have a number of natural stone retaining wall products to choose from. We have established our name by installing to the exact engineered specifications designed for each product for each specific project. In building a retaining wall, the first step is deciding on the correct elevation for base. Varying on the height of the wall you have different depths for your compacted CA6 gravel base. After you get your base block leveled in all directions on the CA6 base you simply stack the additional courses making sure to stagger the seams while backfilling the wall with CA7 gravel. In most cases you will also need to provide some drainage near the base of the wall in the CA7 backfill. As you get to your desired elevation you will need to install block caps on some retaining wall systems, making sure to cut the caps to where there are no visible seams. For any retaining wall system over 4′ tall, you must install geogrid reinforcement material (it is often installed every 2-3 courses and approximately 4′ – 5′ back from the front of the wall).


The size of a retaining wall varies per what it is being used for. Some retaining walls are tiered and start off tall and the top and work their way down, creating ledges along the way. Some retaining walls are only two to three feet tall and mainly act as dividers or as locations to place planters, plant trees or implement other outdoor decorative items.


The effects that are brought about from installing a retaining wall would be to create different levels in the landscape area to promote sectioned off layers within the landscape. Some retaining walls have steps at one end or the other of the wall which can be used to easily get up and down from one level of land to the other. Treating long term drainage issues will assure that the property and the landscape will be preserved for years to come!

Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulder Retaining Walls are a wonderful way to add a very natural look while serving the purpose of a retaining wall system. We have installed boulder retaining walls from one row high to stacking boulders over 10 feet high. We have many different sizes to choose from or we can mix and match. We also have a few different options from granite boulders, our favorite and most popular, to sandstone boulders to choose from. Our staff can also get many different types upon request. Our crews have the ability to build anywhere on your property, tell us where you want it and we will find a way to get it done. We have installed a number of boulder walls down steep hillsides, along lakes, boat docks and in many other challenging environments. So whatever you are looking for our experienced team has you covered. We encourage you to take a look at our Retaining Wall Videos and co  come-up with a design that fits your needs!

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