Plant Index: Kiefer’s Disease and Plant Compendium


Plant Information

This section is dedicated to the past, present and future plants available here at Kiefer Landscaping. We are adding new plants to our nursery every year, so we encourage our customers to come back regularly and see what we have to offer!


 Shrub Diseases

Shrub diseases can have a major impact on the entire landscape and if not properly treated can lead to death in plants. The following is a comprehensive list of some of the most susceptible Perennials for disease and fungus. Not only will you be able to identify your problem, you can also purchase organic control products to help fight the battle!


Weed Control & I.D.

Are you tired of seeing those pesky lawn weeds in your yard and never being able to combat them? We have tried to ease the process and put together a list of common lawn weeds and ways to identify and rid yourself of their presence.

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