Eco-Friendly Lighting for your Home!

Lighten Up and create beauty and relaxation with LED Landscape Lighting
Here are just a few of the benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

    • Enjoy light, and not have to replace light bulbs
    • Proven to offer electricity savings of nearly 75% over traditional lighting
    • Fixtures are energy friendly using only 25% of electricity. “Go Green!”
    • Tested to last more than 20 times the life of most regular light bulbs
    • Free of mercury and toxic chemicals
    • LED lighting is backed by a 15 year limited warranty
    • LED is more stable during power surges or fluctuations
    • There will be no more tapping of the light to get it to come on
    • More durable. LED lights do not have a filament, so they are not damaged under circumstances where regular incandescent bulbs would be broken
    • Low heat generation. This reduces the chance of fire damage
    • Even if you run them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they will still last over 10 years
    • Has a beam angle that can be precisely set and projected wherever intended
    • there are a variety of compact and unique fixtures to choose from
    • Fixtures do not attract mosquitoes
    • Variety of colors available
    • No chance of combustion during cool temps
    • Gives you four season of perfect illumination
    • Life expectancy of a LED bulb = 100,000 hours, Life expectancy of a halogen bulb=2,500-4,000 hours
    • Wide range of voltage applications
    • Last 10x longer than fluorescent
    • Cost Effective
    • Delivers a pure, warm white light that does not have a blue cast or yellow tint like other light sources
    • Saving in electricity will pay for the entire lighting system in just a few short years
    • Over the course of 15 years you will have no bulbs to buy and no bulbs to throw away

Path Lights – Let light inhibit space around walkways, landscapes, and gardens


Accent / Spotlights

Hardscape Lighting
Specialty Lighting
Deck Lighting

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