Professional Lawn Maintenance done right!

Our lawn care & maintenance services are unmatched in the area. With over 20 years experience our team has perfected this service into an art form. By choosing Kiefer Landscaping you can rest easy knowing that tasks such as lawn mowing and weed eating are being taken care of by the best around. Our expert crews know that there are certain ways a yard should be maintained to maximize its benefits. Mower blades are sharpened on a daily basis. Leaving them dull opens up your lawn to pests and diseases. We also alternate mowing patterns so over time, ruts aren’t a part of your landscape. Also by removing no more the 1/3 of the leaf blade, you are maintaining the hardiness of your lawn. Removing anymore than that would be very stressful for the plant and would lead to pest and disease problems. Another mistake many companies make is bagging the grass clippings. Even though the lawn may look nice once finished, over time it will begin to loose its luster due to all the nutrients in the clippings that are needed by your lawn. Our crews also pride themselves in laying out beautiful stripe patterns in every lawn they mow or maintain.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Gallery

Never again will you have to try tirelessly to get these effects. While most people consider lawn maintenance to be just lawn mowing, we at Kiefer Landscaping know that in order to maintain a healthy lawn for life, there needs to be more done than just the simple cut. That is the biggest difference between us and our competitors.

6-Step Fertilizer Program:

The secret to having a green lawn lies in providing sufficient nutrients and having an effective fertilizer program. Our rigorous 6-step fertilization program consists of: Balanced feeding of granular fertilizer, granular fertilizer fortified with iron, custom formulated fertilizer to keep your lawn green and healthy during hot summer months, insect control, granular fertilizer with extra nitrogen and potash for rich, green fall color with extra vigor, lastly we do a special feeding to promote winter root growth and encourage a vibrant, green lawn for the spring. Some of the many benefits of fertilizing your lawn consist of: Promoting consistent green color, foliage growth to fill in bare spots, develops strong roots, improves the overall health of the lawn, and prevents pesky weeds.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up’s:

Spring and fall clean-ups can be a hassle for anyone, and that’s why more and more people have turned to us for their clean-up needs. Our customers know that with our crew on the job, your clean-up will be completed on time the first time. We will come out and service your property with a multitude of things such as: bed maintenance, top dressing mulch, pulling weeds if any, trimming, pruning, leaf removal, pressure washing, irrigation and pond start ups and blow outs, top dressing of landscape rock and many more. All work is completed by cleaning up all debris and blowing off all hard surfaces. By the time you get home you will have a beautiful landscape ready to bloom with no traces of us having been there.

Tree & Shrub Trimming & Fertilizing:

Tree and shrub trimming and removal is needed to help your landscape flourish. Having your plants professionally trimmed will enhance their natural beauty. It will also prevent disease, decay, and help from penetrating and infecting other areas of your plants. It is very important to have a hanging or diseased limb removed due to the fact that it could cause major damage to your property or the plant itself. Keeping your trees trimmed will make them more wind resistant, beautiful, and less susceptible to disease. Some of the benefits include: complimenting you and your home, extends the life of your plants, brings plants back to their natural shape and size, preserves strength and stature, encourages flower and fruit development. Trimming at a young age will train them to grow properly. However, if done wrong it could kill the tree and cause rotting to start or deform the tree. Also, topping is a huge mistake, we see this all over the area, and trees that are topped will almost always become diseased and result in death.

Deep root fertilization is preferred and the most effective method for fertilizing trees and shrubs. Through this process a liquid time-released fertilizer is pressure injected into the roots. Well-nourished plants have better resistance to disease and insect attack. Deep root fertilizing can help keep your plants healthier, promoting the luxurious foliage that adds beauty and value to your property. When you drop fertilizer on top of your lawn the grass receives most of the benefits, that is why it is so important to feed your trees and shrubs with a deep root fertilizer treatment. Enjoy the benefits of having us treat your trees and shrubs: Bypasses elements that keep your plants from being nourished, promotes deep root growth and prevents shallow roots, increases sturdiness of plants, puts water and nutrients where plants need them most, perfect for plants with delicate blossoms or petals, injected into the ground which keeps fertilizer away from pets and children, promotes tree growth to provide more shade, and increases blooms and frequency of blooming periods.

Winterize your Landscape:

Landscape winterization is something few people think about doing, but it is critical to giving your landscape a head start next spring. A landscape winterization consists of removing all annuals, trimming down all perennials, removing all debris from your landscape beds, pulling all weeds and winterizing any ponds or water features you might have in your landscape beds or anywhere else on your property. This is a crucial step to ensuring your water feature will be functioning correctly for years to come and also ensures your perennials can start shooting up when that wonderful spring airs rolls in.

Lawn Renovations:

We have been renovating lawns for over 27 years. When people hear lawn renovations they may think of a new landscape or something along those lines. While this is all part of the process, the main thing to remember is that a lawn renovation is exactly that; a renovation of your existing lawn. There are many things that can be done to get your lawn back to its original luster. First we start off by getting any weed problem, if any, under control. We do this by physically pulling and using a broadcast herbicide. Next, we take a look at the thatch situation and begin the process of de-thatching, depending on how extreme the build up is, one could either use a hand rake, a power de-thatcher, or a sod cutter. We then continue the process by preparing the soil which can be done by hand raking, aeration, or vertical mowing. After applying Kiefer Landscaping’s special blend of fertilizer it is time to start the seeding process. Rotary spreaders, drop spreaders, and slit seeders are all good means of broadcasting seed throughout a lawn. The final step in the process is to lightly irrigate the newly renovated area up to twice a day but never letting it become soggy. For more photos on our lawn-care services, take a look at our Lawn Care Photo Gallery!

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