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Irrigation Systems

When you are looking for a contractor to install an irrigation system for your residential or commercial property you want to look for someone who is licensed, has proven quality and service, and someone who is a Weathermatic Platinum Contractor (which is less than 3% of contractors), and we have all those qualities. We not only offer a design and installation of your irrigation system but a guarantee that your system will run efficiently and effectively. No matter the size or terrain we can give you what you are looking for. Our licensed team has installed sprinkler systems for home lawns, landscape beds, gardens and even large complexes such as Purdue University.

Irrigation Systems

We are a Weathermatic Platinum Contractor and primarily use Weathermatic systems, but we have experience with Rain Bird and Hunter sprinkler systems, and can install these products as well. We use Weathermatic because they offer the industry best 5 year warranty on all sprinkler heads and valves, and we enjoy passing that onto the customer. Still, we don’t want to limit ourselves to just one product line.


Irrigation Systems

We are here to help, no matter if we installed your watering and sprinkling system or another contractor put it in. We are here for your repair needs. Our team has been installing and repairing irrigation systems for over 25 years now and there’s no issue too big; we have seen them all. We have repaired sprinkler heads, valves, irrigation lines, irrigation wires, and irrigation clocks, etc. Our crews are even equipped with a line tracer that allows us to locate entire sprinkler systems!


When you start to feel the cool, fall weather moving in, it’s time to start thinking about getting your sprinkler system blown out and winterized, and we here at Kiefer Landscaping would be glad to take care of it for you. Our licensed crews will come out and blow all the moisture out of each zone, mainline and if you have a foot valve for sucking water out of the lake, we will remove it and store it at your convenience. Blowing out your irrigation system is critical to ensure that you will not have any issues or repairs needed when you start up your system in the spring. Leaving water in the irrigation system will almost certainly ensure that you will encounter freezing water damage to sprinkler heads, valves, and lines when it is started up in the spring. Speaking of start-ups; we do that too! We will come out and turn the water back on and run through each and every zone ensuring everything is working properly, fixing anything that needs to be repaired.


Irrigation Systems

Most property owners are using excessive amounts of water to keep their landscape green and fresh costing them more money than needed. The largest commercial sites use sophisticated equipment, complex scientific instruments and detailed calculations to fine tune their irrigation and watering systems to supply only the water needed.

Like these advanced commercial systems, the SmartLine controller takes key weather data & combines it with basic site and sprinkler system information to come within 5% of these irrigation management systems costing tens of thousands of dollars. SmartLine is like having a scientist in your garage constantly calculating the exact amount of water needed to irrigate your landscape thus saving your the money you lose for excessive watering.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Illinois Irrigation Rain Sensor Law

Irrigation Systems

Through the efforts of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA), rain sensor legislation, which will save millions of gallons of water, has been signed into law in Illinois, effective January 2009.

This legislation will benefit property owners through water cost savings, less water will be drawn from aquifers and lakes, and plants will have better survival by avoiding over-watering. Rain Sensor legislation (S.730) impacts newly installed irrigation systems for both commercial and residential users. Excluded are irrigation systems on golf courses and agricultural lands.

Irrigation Systems

This legislation requires all automatic sprinkler systems in Illinois to have technology that interrupts operation when there is sufficient soil moisture or rainfall. The installation of inexpensive devices – rain sensors – detect that sprinkler systems do not need to operate when it is raining or immediately after a storm.

Immediate & Long Term Benefits

Saves Money
– Whether you pay for city water or spend electricity running a pump, the money you save over time till more than pay for the rain sensor.
Extends Sprinkler System Life Span
– Sprinklers are made up of gears and other parts that move. The less the sprinkler parts are used, the longer they last.
Protects Water Resources
– By limiting the over use of your sprinkler system, rain sensors reduce excess water run-off that carries fertilizers and pest control chemicals into our shared water supply
Conserves Water
– Less water is wasted when less supplemental water is needed for our turf and in your garden

How much money can you save with a rain sensor device? It will vary based on your water source (city, reclaim, or well) and where you live (water costs, electrical rate, climate).

Here is one example that demonstrates the benefits listed above: Seminole County, Florida. System Description:

  • Designed to irrigate a quarter acre of grass and programmed to apply .5″ of water every time the system runs.
  • This schedule would equal 6,788 gallons per irrigation cycle.
  • This system (on city water) pays $2.30 per thousand gallons.
  • Every time the rain sensor interrupts a sprinkler cycle, you would save $15.61

According to a recent study in Florida, the use of a rain sensor device averaged a 45% savings in water for single-family residential water usage. The next time you see an irrigation system running in the rain, you now know it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rain sensors save money, save our environment and save water.

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