Never Fear Your Crawlspace Again!

Having issues with your Crawlspace? Kiefer Landscaping and The Crawl Space Doctors have the Answer!

The dreaded crawlspace.  It is a part of your home that you rarely think about until there is a problem needing taken care of.  Unfortunately, that area you try to ignore can be causing some serious issues for you.
A common problem in crawlspaces is that water can collect there.  If your yard is not properly graded, or the crawlspace is not properly sealed, you could have standing water right beneath your feet.

This issue is easy to notice if you take a peek in with a flashlight, but what about water issues that are harder to see?  Crawlspaces usually have a significantly different temperature than the outside air.  This difference in temperature can cause condensation, or moisture forming inside the crawlspace.

These water issues, whether they are noticeable or not, can be wreaking havoc on your home.  Some serious problems that could be forming include:

Damage to the wood and other materials in the crawlspace is something to consider. The presence of high moisture levels can slowly decay the materials, such as floor joists, leaving your home’s structure weaker than it should ever be.

This can be prevented by encapsulating your crawlspace and even adding extra protection like a dehumidifier to ensure that the materials in your home are not as susceptible to the elements such as moisture.

  • Having moisture in your dark, damp crawlspace creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This can then penetrate the air in your home, since it is estimated that more than 50% of your home originates in the crawlspace. Do you want your family breathing that in?

  • This can be eliminated by our mold treatments, that come with a decades-long warranty. If properly treated, it can prevent mold for years to come. Encapsulating after the treatment also helps with many other issues in this space.
  • Some insects absolutely thrive in areas with stagnant water or high moisture levels. Some of these unwanted pests include maggots, mosquitoes, and the ever-feared termite.
    • Encapsulating your crawlspace creates a barrier that these bugs cannot get through. It is airtight, separating the ground beneath your home from the home above. We are also able to treat for these bugs by building a barrier around your home also to treat the source of the insect problem.

*There are also other issues to consider when thinking about that dark, often unnoticed space under your home.  Ignoring these issues can have some serious effects on you and your home that you may not even realize.

  • With high levels of condensation beneath your floors, this will radiate upward into your home. If you have ever noticed a door or window sticking because it has swollen, this could be an effect of excessive moisture forming below your home.

  • Encapsulation creates a very strong moisture barrier. You can look at it as joining the crawlspace to the rest of your home.  It keeps the moisture on the exterior of the barrier, while the interior of the barrier is connected to your home, staying dry and keeping your home dry.
  • Many crawlspaces have vents all the way around a home, which was great before the introduction of air conditioning. This allowed air flow below the structure, aiding with the temperature in the home.  Since the introduction of air conditioning, these vents have become a detriment, allowing the temperature of the crawlspace to be close to the outdoor temperature, but very different from the temperature in your home.  This difference can greatly influence your heating and cooling bills, and can contribute to condensation issues. Any water is then unable to enter through these vents.

  • During the encapsulation process, we can fully seal off these vents to limit these temperature differences. This will result in differences in heating and cooling bills, and will also aid any moisture issues.  Additionally, it will ensure that any damage to these vents does not allow any animals underneath your home that could damage the property.

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