Water Features for your Home and Garden!

For those of you who love the sense of peace that water provides, but don’t like the idea of maintaining a pond? A Pond-less Boulder Water Feature is a great choice for you. Create a focal point in your landscape that no one else will have. We have a huge selection of granite boulders that vary in size, color, and shape. We also have a huge selection of flagstone and decorative rock that can enhance the design of your water feature. In the picture below plants have been used to create a natural environment. We can design and build a pond-less water feature that is customized to your budget and taste! Pond-less Boulder Water Features consist of an underground basin which takes up minimal space. Water is pumped from the underground reservoir up through the boulder, where it flows over creating a soothing sound and then disappears back into the reservoir. With no exposure to a pool of water, this boulder feature is safe for children and pets and is basically maintenance free. Once completed you will wonder how you went without the sight and sound of your new waterscape creation.

Mix & Match the type of Boulder, Flagstone, Decorative Rock, & Plants to match your style or take a look at our Waterscape Gallery to get a few ideas for your next landscaping project.


  •  The sound of flowing water allows you to relax and enjoy the serenity of a peaceful place
  •  Every boulder is unique in color, size, & shape
  •  These pure granite boulders withstand freeze and thaw
  •  Virtually maintenance free
  •  Can be used to fill small areas
  •  Serve as great focal points near walkways, patios, decks, and in any landscape
  •  Most installations can be completed in one day
  •  We have a huge selection of boulders to choose from. No two boulders are the same
  •  Works wonders against traffic noise
  •  No space has much more than two inches of water
  •  The sound of falling water can actually reduce blood pressure
  •  Adds value to your property
  •  Saves time. You won’t have to spend your Saturdays removing leaves or debris
  •  Attracts butterflies, dragonflies, & birds

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