So far the 2012 season has taken its toll on not only our yards but also our landscapes. With the excessive drought, that has hit the area, a lot of tree’s and shrubs are more susceptible to disease and fungus. After a phone call from a customer, curios as to what was wrong with his Oak Trees, we took a very close examination of his trees as well as the environment that they were in. The picture below is a sample from the customers Oak. To the untrained eye one may think the leaf is simply burning up due to the excessive heat. Yes, that is part of the problem, however there are a couple of other factors that play into the situation. These Oak Trees are suffering from (2) problems; Bacterial Leaf Scorch & Leaf Spot. Two products that are 100% Eco-Friendly are All Guard and PureSpray Green. Both products are Child and Pet safe and are great tools at fighting these two problems.

Oak Tree Diseaes

Oak Tree Diseases

The following information was taken from A website dedicated to lawn weeds & diseases, as well as, Tree, Shrub & Perennial Diseases.

 Bacterial Leaf Scorch:


Browning of the oldest leaves along their margins begins in mid to late Summer on one branch or a few branches on inner and lower portions of the tree. A wavy, reddish-brown band sometimes develops between the brown and green tissue of the leaf. The browning of the leaves progresses to include more leaves toward the ends of branches. Branches and eventually the entire tree will die.


Leaf Hoppers and Spittle Bugs carry the bacteria from tree to tree. Promote plant vigor by protecting the tree from stresses. Apply All Guard Organic Spray to prevent Leaf Hoppers and Spittle Bugs from attacking your Oak Tree. It is a Great Organic Product that is very Effective.


Leaf Spot:


In mid- to late summer, irregular, dark-brown spots form between the leaf veins and enlarge up to 3/8 inch in diameter and become reddish brown, often with a yellow halo. Trees with iron chlorosis and those under other stresses are most severely affected.


Apply PureSpray Green to the entire tree to help prevent and control Leaf Spot. Buy PureSpray Green Now! 

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