A Successful Customer Appreciation Day!

On May 3, 2011, in Services, by Admin

We would like to thank everyone that took time out of their weekend to spend it with us. We had an amazing turn out, even with the high winds and at points I thought we were going to need to pour a new parking lot!!! It is our customers who have made us what we are today, without YOU we are only a name.  Once again it was great seeing everyone with smiles on their faces and plates full of food.  Remember “Kiefer Bucks” are in full swing, for every $50.00 spent you will receive $5.00 towards your next purchase!!


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In the beginning Kiefer Landscaping set forth to go above and beyond all other landscape companies by providing peace-of-mind to our customers, who quickly became friends.  After analyzing the situation we realized that there are multitudes of other communities who deserve the same satisfaction.  Over the past five years we have been expanding operations to cover, not only Central Illinois but Eastern Missouri and Western Indiana. One-by-one communities saw how easy and beautiful we had made their neighbors daily lives, with things as simple as lawn care maintenance. It didn’t take long before they wanted the same satisfaction for themselves.  Our company thrives on the miles of smiles we have created but more importantly the fulfillment we have received through the acceptance of our newly made neighbors and friends.

Our Lawn Care Maintenance crew is on of the best in Illinois, with crew members that have over 12 years vested in the practice and technique of a well manicured yard.  Not only can our customers rest assured their lawns will be taken care of whenever need be but they also know that our team takes time every day to sharpen all blades and make sure all equipment is 100%.   With our guys on the job our customers can finally envision those beautiful stripe patterns gracing their front and backyard.

We also pride ourselves in uniquely designed landscapes.  Whether someone wants their own secret garden filled with hostas, hydrangeas, and ornamental trees or a peaceful retreat where they can listen to the flowing water of their new waterscape, our customers know that we are the best of the best when turning dreams into reality.

During those hot summer months many people think about watering their lawns but too few people have the time it takes to dedicate themselves.  By choosing Kiefer Landscaping our customers know they have a licensed WeatherMatic Irrigation platinum contractor on the job to install top-quality hassle-free sprinkler and irrigation systems.  Our team takes the extra time to map out and ensure maximum amounts of coverage with minimal installation, leaving your lawn looking effortless.

If you or your family have been wondering how far we will go to turn your dreams into reality take a few moments and review our service area below.

Arcola, Illinois Fairfield, ILlinois Mattoon, Illinois St. Joseph, Illinois
Bellville, Illinois Fairview Heights, ILlinois Monticello, Illinois St.Louis, MO
Benton, Illinois Flora, ILlinois Mt. Zion, Illinois Swansea, Illinois
Carbondale, Illinois Glen Carbon, Illinois Newton, Illinois Taylorville, IL
Casey, Illinois Greenville, Illinois O’Fallon, Illinois Terre Haute, Indiana
Centralia, Illinois Highland, Illinois Olney, Illinois Troy, Illinois
Champaign, Illinois Hillsboro, Illinois Pana, Illinois Tuscola, Illinois
Charleston, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana Rantoul, Illinois Urbana, Illinois
Collinsville, ILlinois Lawrenceville, Illinois Robinson, Illinois Vandalia, Illinois
Columbia, ILlinois Litchfield, Illinois Salem, Illinois Vincennes, Illinois
Danville, ILlinois Louisville, Ilinois Savoy, Illinois Waterloo, Illinois
Decatur, ILlinois Mahomet, Illinois Shelbyville, Illinois West Frankfort, Illinois
Edwardsville, ILlinois Marion, Illinois Springfield, Illinois
Effingham, ILlinois Marshall, Illinois St. Joseph, Illinois

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Natural Stone Projects

On February 11, 2011, in Natural Stone Projects, Services, by Admin


If you are looking to add a nice, natural looking edge to define your landscape beds, you should check out our stone yard. We have many different natural stones to choose from and would be happy to assist you in choosing the right stone for your property. Whether you are a do it yourselfer or looking to hire a contractor, we are here to help. If you are looking for a landscape company to design and install your landscape beds with some natural edging there is no one better than Kiefer Landscaping. If your are the do it yourselfer type then there is no better place to shop for your stone than at our retail facility.


Patio’s & Walkway’s

If you want to add a walkway or some patio space to your property but want to keep a natural look, give us a call! We can design and build the mortared natural stone patio or walkway of your dreams. Natural stone gives you the ability to create a very unique, natural look that cannot be duplicated just by dying and stamping concrete.  Concrete will fade and crack over time and never look as naturally beautiful as the variations in the natural stone. By choosing Kiefer Landscaping you are guaranteed the very best installation in the industry and when we mortar the seams, they will be clean and smooth giving you that wonderful natural look you are trying to achieve all the while giving you a solid patio or walkway.

Retaining Wall’s

Are you looking to add a retaining wall to your property but you want to keep a more natural look and feel? If so, give us a call and have us show you the options available for natural stone retaining walls. We will design and install a beautiful natural stone retaining wall to the exact specifications you are looking for and you have the ability to be involved every step of the way or not at all. We offer a number of different colors and styles to choice from. Installation can be accomplished in a number of different ways; first it can be drystacked if the wall is under 2 feet in height, next we can add construction adhesive in between the layers and this will add more strength to the wall while keeping the natural look and feel. The best way to install a natural stone retaining wall over 3 feet tall is to mortar the stone in place, this helps give the wall some real strength while keeping the natural look.

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