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We are proud to announce the addition of Flenner Pest Control to the family!! Flenner Pest Control was founded in 1981 and has been locally owned and operated in the Effingham, Illinois area since the beginning.  They have always gone the extra mile to maintain a face to face, person to person interaction as to never forget where it all started.  Their goal has always been to help friends, family and customers live a better, pest free life.

Not only can we bring value and beauty to any landscapes but we can now help maintain the integrity, safety and health of your home, business and the people inside.  “The Leader in Pest Management” is a goal we will continue to strive for. When you hear “Exterminator” we want Flenner Pest Control to stand out above and beyond anyone else.

There are alot of pest management companies in Illinois today but too often these businesses grow to large and forget about the customers that helped them along the way.  With Flenner you can rest easy knowing our staff is here to create long lasting relationships while serving your needs with affordable, competitive and knowledgeable pest management services.  We have taken the time to conveniently list some of the many different areas we service.

  1. Termites:
  • An average colony size can range from 60,000 to 100,000 and has potential to reach up to 1 million
  • Forage up to 300 ft. from nest site.
  • Workers live 1 – 2 years

2. Cockroaches:

  • A German Cockroach can live a month or more without food but less than two weeks without water.
  • Over 5,000 species worldwide
  • They spend over 75% of their time resting
  • German roaches produce 7 – 8 egg capsules containing 30 – 45 roaches each

3. Crickets:

  • Crickets can jump up to 20 to 30 times their body length while standing still
  • They move into homes in search of water and in the fall to stay warm
  • Notorious for damaging fabrics such as carpets, drapes and even upholstery
  • Males make chirping sounds to attract potential mates.  This is a tell tail sign you have been invaded

4. Ants:

  • Social insects that live in colonies
  • They enter your home to find a good food supply and water source
  • Carpenter ants forage at night and on cloudy days

5. Spiders:

  • Most species hide in cracks, dark areas or webs
  • May bite if disturbed
  • Common poisonous house spiders are Brown Recluse and Black Widow species

6. Bedbugs:

  • Cabins, Motels, Hotels, College Dorms, Yard Sales, Group Facilities and Discarded items are all potential transports for Bedbugs
  • Over a few days 1 bedbug can produce several hundred eggs
  • Eggs are about the same size as very coarse grains of sand
  • Most people do not feel Bedbug bites

7. Ladybugs:

  • Native Ladybugs “play” dead when scarred
  • Asian Ladybugs were released in several states by the United States Dept. of Agriculture to control Aphids in crops.  Some scientists believe the current infestation was brought in unintentionally and has spread

The details above are only a few areas we service.  Give us a call today to get answers on your pest control problems.

Remember, seasons as well as insects change from year to year, pests unfortunately do not live by a set calender which is why it is important to hire someone who understands that and can change with the seasons rather than conducting business the same way they had 10 years ago.

We are fully licensed, certified and insured for general pest and termite control under the laws of the State of Illinois, Department of Public Health

We are also proud member of the Illinois Pest Control Association, National Pest Control Association, Effingham Area Home Builders Association and the National Federation of Independent Business.


More Services that meet your needs and expectations

Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or AnnualRegularly scheduled pest control services are offered depending on insect tolerance levels and specific insect problems being targeted.  Annual treatments are usually done in early Spring when insects are emerging.  Bi-Annual treatments are done early Spring and again in the Fall when insects are seeking shelter over winter. (services for customers on a set schedule as noted above are priced at discounted rates)

One-Time ServicesAre available to address specific insect issues along with consultation on conducive conditions.  Services are designed around the specific insect problem with no contracts or long term commitment required.  Once the infestation is under control, the choice of further service is at the option of the customer.

Power Spray – Power Spraying outside perimeter / foundation area once per year.  Treatment prevents insects from invading the home and is especially effective for ants, millipedes, camelback crickets, etc.

Perimeter Treatments – On a one time basis or on a regular service schedule can successfully control outside insects from becoming an inside pest issue.  If treatment on the interior is required, it can then be limited to treating insect “hot spots”

Real Estate Inspections for Home Sales – Wood destroying insect inspection reports (WDI’s) often required for real estate home sales.


Termite Treatments:

  1. Post Construction termite inspections, identification and quotes to treat the property, if needed, is a free service to existing homes and commercial businesses
  2. Pre-Construction termite treatments are a preventative termite control method and treatment is applied during the early construction phase of new building / homes.  (applied after foundations are poured but prior to slab concrete pours)  Contact Us for quotes
  3. Termite Treatment Warranty: Treatment are warrantied for one year after treatment.  Optional extended warranties are also available which covers termite re-treatments at no cost for labor and materials for one yearly fee


Here is a generalized list of our pest management & Illinois Pest Control Service Area

Altamont, IL Greenup, IL Newton, IL
Beecher City, IL Heartville, IL Salem, IL
Brownstown, IL Ingraham, IL Sigel, IL
Clay City, IL Lake Sara, IL Stewardson, IL
Dietrich, IL Louisville, IL St. Elmo, IL
Edgewood, IL Mason, IL St. Peters, IL
Effingham, IL Mattoon, IL Strasburg, IL
Farina, IL Montrose, IL Teutopolis, IL
Flora, IL Neoga, IL Watson, IL

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