Apples to Apples

First things first.  Visit the contractor’s retail garden center to see how well they maintain their facility.  If they can’t maintain their own facility how are you going to get a great looking landscape.

Our Retail Garden Center

We have taken the time to compile a list of information that we feel would be beneficial when choosing a landscape company.

  • Have you seen and checked the quality of plants going into your landscape design?
  • Have you seen the stone, brick or block going into your new landscape?
  • Have you sat down and reviewed the plans with the landscape company and understand what you are getting?
  • Are you signing a contract for your new landscape project? (this is for your protection also)
  • Are you getting a design when you sign the contract?
  • Are you getting a list of plants going into your landscape?
  • Are plant sizes listed out so you are not just getting the smallest plants available?
  • What grade of plants are you buying? Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3? (We use Grade 1)
  • Are the plants that are in your landscape plan recommended for your zone?
  • Are you getting a written guarantee on plants and material warranties? (View our Warranty)
  • Are you getting a written description of the work to be performed?
  • Are you getting thick commercial weed barrier or the cheap see through weed barrier? (some weed barrier will actually puncture if you walk on it, leaving holes for weeds to grow.  All landscaping should have a weed barrier fabric.  Absolutely no plastic, newspaper, or burlap should be used as weed barrier.)
  • How thick is the rock bed going to be in your new landscape?
  • How thick is the mulch bed going to be in your new landscape?
  • Do the people installing your landscape have experience doing the king of work you are wanting done?
  • Does the landscaper have experience or are they new to landscaping?
  • Find out it the Landscape Company is under new ownership or management.
  • Does the Landscape Company own or rent the equipment doing the job? Remember, if someone rents equipment they will be in a hurry to return the equipment, not allowing the time needed to perform the work properly.
  • Does the contractor have the proper insurance to perform the work that you are wanting done, if not you are liable if something goes wrong.
  • How many years have they been in business?  Sometimes experience and years are figured differently.  Example; Combined years with all employees or number of years in business. (Kiefer Landscaping 21 years in business or 264 years experience).

It is hard to do an Apples to Apples comparison not knowing the above information.  Quality work is also hard to put a price tag on. We guarantee all of the about and guarantees the highest level of quality and service that you will find.

Contractor Comparison

Below are a few key points that Kiefer Landscaping brings to the table.  Compare with other contractors to see what they may be leaving out.

  • Over 21 years in business with the original owner
  • $2 million dollar liability insurance policy
  • Proven Performance on Large Commercial and Residential Projects
  • Experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen with many years experience
  • New innovative designs

    Landscape Berm 2011 Season

  • Top Quality materials
  • High quality suppliers to aid in design and troubleshooting
  • Exclusive distributor on selective products
  • Responsive communication
  • Coordinated effort from design to install
  • Excellent Safety record
  • Full Time office staff
  • Regular bussiness hours
  • In house landscape designers
  • Value Engineering service for retaining walls
  • Environmentally Conscientious
  • Contract contains written warranties

    Another View

  • Stand behind ALL warranties
  • All crews carry cell phones for constant contact
  • Annual Service Plans
  • Drug Testing on Employees
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Licensed Plumber on staff (Irrigation Connections to main lines)

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