Relax with a Peaceful Waterscape

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Landscape Waterfalls are a great addition as a focal point for you front or back yard.  Such water features allow you to create exotic, relaxing, calming, and visually appealing landscape centerpieces.  Along with all of these great benefits of installing a waterfall into your landscape design, is the bonus of adding value to your property. Our experienced designers can design almost anything a customer can visualize and then some. We always take into consideration the existing landscapes and hardscapes so your new addition will have the same feel as the rest of your property. To date our crews have installed hundreds of waterscapes in the Central Illinois region and we are only getting better. Whether you want to have a small pond next to your outdoor patio or you would like to create a huge Koi pond, we can meet all of your needs. Another really neat addition is the construction of pool side waterfalls, nothing is more awe inspiring than seeing a natural looking brook run directly into the pool. So next time you are considering spicing up your landscape, remember Kiefer Landscaping.

Granite boulders framing in a multi-tier waterfall

A close-up shot of a waterfall installed in the 2010 season.

Pond-less Waterfalls:

Pond-less waterfalls are one of the most unique additions to any landscape that you can do. Having a beautiful natural stone waterfall flowing down and seemingly disappearing into the landscape bed below, covered with some wonderful landscape rock, will add much needed value to any home. This works because below the landscape rock is a catch basis with a top grate to hold the rock on top but also allow the water to filter through and into the pump keeping the circulation of the waterfall moving. This is a great option for people that do not want to have open ponds to have to maintain and for safety reasons around small children. Our experienced crews are the very best at installing and maintaining these wonderful pondless waterfalls and would love to help you start enjoying your landscape for years to come.

Ornamental Ponds:

Adding a beautiful pond into your landscape that was designed and installed by Kiefer Landscaping is one of the best ways to add instant curb appeal to your home. When you hire us to install your next pond you are getting the very best in customer service and quality installation. We offer a number of different premade pond liners with different shapes and sizes but we can also install custom ponds to fit every want and desire. After the size and shape of your pond are determined we than have a number of natural stones, boulders, and decorative landscape rock to choose from to give your pond the personal touch you want while making a truly great landscape pond. You can rest assured that Kiefer Landscaping is the right choice to help make your vision a reality. And after your pond is completed don’t forget that we also offer to clean and maintain your pond as an addition service to help keep that natural look of a newly installed landscape pond.

Custom designed Ornamental Pond & Waterfall

One of two ornamental pond's for relaxation and KOI!

Please feel free to view more Waterscape project’s by visiting our Landscape Gallery

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