When do you start mowing your new lawn?  The grass is growing and getting tall but this is the time that the most damage can be done.  You can start mowing when the grass has reached 4 inches tall, not any sooner.  When you start mowing your lawn, cut the grass at least 3″ high or on your mowers highest level.  This will prevent the young grass from being stressed or damaged from mowing.  If your grass gets much longer than 3 inches it will mat, leading to winter lawn disease problems such as snow mold.  If you cut it shorter than 2 inches, you will severely limit its ability to make and store food for growth in the spring.  DO NOT SCALP! Scalped lawns lose density, have shallow root systems and bare spots which make it easier for weeds to take over.  Taller grass provides shading of the soil surface and reduces lethal temperatures near the base of the grass plants.  Taller grass has deeper roots and a lower tendency to wilt.  Taller grass draws moisture from a larger volume of soil and therefore requires less supplemental irrigation.

Change your mowing directions every time you mow.  By mowing in the same direction every time, you create streaks and lines that grow back irregularly.  To keep your lawn as healthy as possible, it is important that your lawn is not trampled or continuously matted to the point were it is not allowed to grow properly.  You should cut cross-diagonally, or in the opposite direction every time.  You will be amazed at what a simple process like this can do for your lawns appearance.

Lawns are easier to take care of and Strip when proper mowing techniques are Followed

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