Organic Fertilizer Programs:


Are you a person that would love a fertilizer program but are cautious of the effects chemicals may have on your kids, the household pets and even the environment?  With our new Firebelly Organic Fertilizer program these legitimate concerns will no longer be a factor.  We will be unveiling this top of the line program beginning NOW.  There will be two organic fertilizer packages available; a 4 step program, as well as, an impeccable 6 step program.

You may be asking yourself, why should I go organic? Firebelly has already addressed those concerns:

“The FireBelly Six Step Organic Lawn Care System isn’t really a lawn care program at all.  The truth is that our patented and proprietary LAWN CARE SYSTEM is really a six step AGRICULTURAL SYSTEM. Ask any organic farmer you can find what the most important thing to the elimination of pesticides on their farm has been.  One hundred percent of the time they will answer with this sentence,  “The most important thing in eliminating pesticides from our operation was to begin to build our soil profile.” A healthy soil yields healthy plants.  It makes no difference as to whether these plants are tomatoes, broccoli, corn or LAWN!  Healthy soil creates healthy roots and healthy roots eliminates stress and improves water and nutrient uptake.”

Roots that have been treated Chemically

Roots that have been treated with FireBelly Organic Fertilizer



Benifits of Organics: 


By applying this easy to use organic lawn care program, it is possible to eliminate the use of harsh chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides.  Each bio-enhanced application is seasonally tailored for your turf from spring through fall, stimulating biological activity in the soil.  Healthy soil equals healthy and resilient turf grass.  You can feel good about using our naturally safe products around children and pets plus eliminate any negative impact on the environment.

4-Step Program includes:
  1. Early Spring: Growth Activator, Bio-enhanced Organic Soil Treatment
  2. Spring: Bio-Blast 7-0-2, Bio-Enhanced, Organic / Natural Fertilizer
  3. Summer: Bloom-Blaster, Kelp Growth Stimulant
  4. Early Fall: Bio Blast 7-0-2, Bio-Enhanced, Organic / Natural Fertilizer
6-Step Program Includes:
  1. Early Spring: Growth Activator, Bio-enhanced Organic Soil Treatment
  2. Early Spring: Spray & Play 1-0-0, Liquid Corn Gluten
  3. Spring: Bio-Blast 7-0-2, Bio-Enhanced, Organic / Natural Fertilizer
  4. Summer: Bloom-Blaster, Kelp Growth Stimulant
  5. Early Fall: Bio Blast 7-0-2, Bio-Enhanced, Organic / Natural Fertilizer
  6. Late Fall: Winter Protect 3-0-0, Winterizing Treatment


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Why Fire Belly? Why Now?

These products address soil biology thereby providing the end user with a competitive advantage over “traditional organic products!” We believe that successful “organic plant management” begins and ends with soil biology! In order for plants to thrive in the face of environmental extremes the soil profile supporting that plant must contain a diverse population of beneficial soil microorganisms.  These microscopic wonders are “nature’s life support system.”  They improve nutrient availability, enhance nutrient absorption, reduce the incidence of nutrient leaching, stimulate healthy plant growth, improve the soil structure and provide plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes such as drought, heat, cold and foot traffic.  Attempting to implement an organic program without addressing soil biology is a recipe for disaster… must feed the soil!!

Fire Belly Organics is dedicated to formulating and manufacturing effective environmentally responsible products that address soil biology.  You will find that our products are different than any other product on the market because of our philosophy that proper and sufficient plant nutrition and resistance to weeds, insects and diseases exists only when a healthy soil food web is purposely created.  Fire Belly products feed the soil through the introduction of select beneficial microbial species allowing them to facilitate the natural processes inherent to healthy plant growth.  We blend a diverse array of beneficial soil microorganisms with natural plant extracts and organic nutrients to create microbial systems.  These natural systems simultaneously feed the soil and the plant, which allows plants to grow to their full genetic potential.


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