Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, Hosta’s are sure to please any pallet! We at Kiefer Landscaping take pride in knowing that we have the largest selection of Hosta’s in the area! No matter the color or texture you are looking for you can be sure that you can find it at our Garden Center!

With so many different applications and ease of care, we have decided to start a Hosta of The Week Program! Every week our Retail Staff will hand pick a certain species of Hosta to showcase! The Hosta of the week will be offered at a sale price of $5.00!


History of The Hosta

Hosta’s, also know as Plantain Lily, originally came from Japan, China and Korea. They were intHostas roduced to the United States in the middle 1800′s. The hosta plant is named after Nicolas Host from Austria. Hybridization of the 40 some species of hosta have produced in excess of 3000 registered and named varieties. Hostas are long-lived, herbaceous perennial plants that are easy to grow. Hostas are in the top three most popular perennials in the United States and is the number 1 shade perennial grown.

There are a few perennials that are as easy to grow as the hosta. Hostas like rich organic soils, prefers moisture, and they like morning sun and afternoon shade. Hosta leaves are large and they transpire more moisture in lighter areas so supplemental water is important. Hostas are heave feeds and fertilizer should be applied in early spring and again in mid-summer.


The Blue Cherub Hosta – Our First Hosta of The Week!


Description:This smaller Hosta has heart shaped blue green foliage turns mostly green by mid Summer. It is a fast grower that produces lavender blooms.

Common Name: Blue Cherub Hosta

Scientific Name:Hosta ‘Blue Cherub’

Type:  Perennial

Exposure:  Partial Shade

Size:  12″ height, 30″ spread

Bloom Color:  Lavender Blooms in mid-Summer

Landscape Use: Mass Planting, Shade Gardens, Woodland Gardens 

Soil:  Well-Drained

Growth Rate:  Moderate

Zone:  5 – 9

Companion Plants:  Coral Bells, Foamy Bells

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