Kiefer Landscaping offers the very best in computer landscape design and installation. The attention to detail goes far above the landscape industry standards. Your personally customized plan will include, to scale, anything on your property that is involved in the area of the project (house, deck, existing walkways, driveways, trees or shrubs that would stay, etc). All new products placed into the plan will also be to scale and demonstrate the exact look that we are trying to achieve. Our superior landscape designers will work with you to build a plan that has our expert guidance but with your personal touches. Upon reviewing your plan you will be able to visualize what your property can look like if you choose to have Kiefer Landscaping install your next project.

A quick plan drawn up by our experienced landscape designer.

Whether you are looking to revamp an existing landscape or for something totally new, we will help give you exactly what you are looking for. Kiefer Landscaping has transformed many ordinary homes into beautiful showcases just by adding or changing the front landscape, back garden, or landscape beds or berms throughout the property. We do this by adding the highest quality of trees, shrubs, perennials, boulder accents, natural stone dry stacks, Windsor stone walls, brick paver edging, decorative rock or mulch and much more. Any project will be custom designed by our expert landscape designers with your personal touches added in. You will be impressed every step of the way, from the way the crew lays out the project to the quality of the their work to the way they clean up the site each and every day, and most importantly with the final picture of your new installation.

From paper comes a masterpiece.

Landscape rock can add personality and depth while bringing out the natural color's or your home's decor.

With spring comes color!

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