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When you are looking for a contractor to install a sprinkler system for your residential or commercial property you want to look for someone who is licensed, has proven quality and service, and someone who is a Weathermatic Platinum Contractor (which is less than 3% of contractors) and we have all those qualities. We not only offer a design and installation of your irrigation system but a guarantee that your system will run efficiently and effectively. No matter the size or terrain we can give you what you are looking for. Our licensed team has installed sprinkler systems for home lawns, landscape beds, gardens and even large complexes such as Purdue University.

We are a Weathermatic Platinum Contractor and primarily use weathermatic systems but we have and will install rain bird and hunter sprinkler systems also. We use weathermatic because they offer the industry best 5 year warranty on all sprinkler heads and valves and we enjoy passing that onto the customer but do not want to limit ourselves to that one product line.

A letter submitted to Kiefer Landscaping from the President and CEO of WeatherMatic


We are here to help, no matter if we installed your sprinkler system or another contractor put it in, we are here for any of your repair needs. Our team has been installing and repairing irrigation systems for over 20 years now and there are no issues too big; we have seen them all. We have repaired sprinkler heads, valves, irrigation lines, irrigation wires, and irrigation clocks, etc. Our crews are even equipped with a line tracer that allows us to locate entire sprinkler systems.


When you start to feel the cool fall weather moving in it is time to start thinking about getting your sprinkler system blown out and winterized and we would be glad to take care of it for you. Our licensed crews will come out and blow all the moisture out of each zone, main line and if you have a foot valve for sucking water out the lake we will remove it and store it at your convenience. Blowing out your irrigation system is critical to ensure that you will not have any issues or repairs needed when you start up your system in the spring. Leaving water in the system will almost certainly ensure that you will encounter freezing water damage to sprinkler heads, valves, and lines when it is started up. Speaking of start ups, we do that too. We will come out and turn the water back on and run through each and every zone ensuring everything is working properly, fixing anything that needs to be repaired.

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