Establishing a New Lawn

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A lawn does not happen over night it takes time and maintenance.  A newly seeded lawn will need to watered daily and may need as many as four light waterings in a single day if conditions are dry and windy.  The seed bed should be kept moist, but not saturated, to a depth of one to two inches until germination occurs.  Germination occurs when your new lawn has green cast and the seedlings are a quarter to one half inch tall.  At this early stage it is crucial that seedlings are not stressed to the point of wilt, continue to water one to four times a day with light applications of water, approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch of water per day.  As seedlings reach two inches gradually reduce the frequency of watering.  You should start watering 3 times a week but for a longer period of time in each area.  After the new lawn has been mowed two or three times, keep watering on the 3 times a week cycle until the grass has filled in.  Don’t let the grass turn brown, apply enough water to keep it green.  Water early in the day when lawns are normally wet from dew.  Avoid midday due to evaporation, and at night due to the increased potential of diseases.  Spread the water uniformly across the lawn.  Avoid flooding areas and missing spots.  Sprinklers vary in distribution patterns and require spray overlap for uniform coverage.  To ensure complete coverage, we recommend an automatic irrigation system.  A well-designed, properly installed and appropriately maintained irrigation system can be the most efficient way to keep your landscape and lawn healthy.  The benefits of having an automatic irrigation system include: reduced labor for watering, convenience, full landscape / lawn coverage, easy control over irrigation timing for waterings, added value to your property and an irrigation system that delivers exactly the right amount of water at the right time to the lawn, plants and trees is not only efficient but practical.

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