Dry Stream Bed Construction


One of our newest projects for the 2012 season is a large dry stream bed. This project was commissioned by an apartment complex owner whom we have done installs for in the past. The customer was having a really big issue with low lying areas in between two of their complexes. The areas in question were holding a large majority of the water that would fall onto the property. Because of this, the ground was constantly wet and spongy, leaving no room for grass or anything else to grow. Rather than coming in and installing a french drain type system, the owner wanted to alleviate the problem but at the same time transform the property.

Our quality designer threw around several different ideas for a dry stream bed until one was  settled upon.  The stream bed itself measures 18′ at its widest point and stretches over 100′ in length. The bed is comprised of various sizes of River Rock, as well as, several different sized Granite Boulders, Weathered Fieldstone, & Holey Limestone. Underneath we have laid a 6 oz. Weed Barrier Fabric, one of the heaviest fabrics on the market today, to help control the growth of unwanted weeds. Gracing both sides of the dry stream bed are two large landscape beds, plantings to come as soon as temperatures come down, that have been installed with the same 6 oz. Weed Barrier Fabric and the customers choice of Black Trap Landscape Rock.

Still to come on this project are various Shrubs, Perennials & Evergreens, & larger boulders to help tie the rustic feel of both complexes landscapes together. We will also be installing Flagstone Steppers so the landlord & tenants will be able to access any area of the apartments with ease.

If you are looking to alleviate water issues, due to low lying areas, on your property look no further than Kiefer Landscaping. Our expert designer knows that there are many different options available other than a simple drainage system. If you are going to be spending the time and money, why not make that hard work visual so people can enjoy the scenery for years to come!

Dry Stream Bed Project

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