Benefits of Lawn Aeration

On May 13, 2011, in Lawn Issues, Services, by Admin


  • Increases water intake
  • Reduces water runoff and puddling
  • Stimulates root development
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases the tolerance to heat
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown


Aeration is the natural exchange of soil and air.  The process is mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil form the lawn to improve soil aeration. This process not only helps heavily used lawns but also lawns growing on compacted soil.  Having you lawn aerated will improve the depth and extent of grass rooting which will allow better water uptake, enhanced fertilizer use & thatch breakdown.

Annual aeration is beneficial for turf growing on heavy clay or subsoil’s.  Both Spring and Fall are ideal times to aerate your lawn.

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