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When it comes to upgrading existing landscape beds or installing new ones, we recommend starting with a brick paver edging.  Nothing looks sharper than lining your new or improved landscape bed with a beautiful flowing brick edge. With many colors to choose from in the Paverlock Series such as: charcoal, camel buff, Hampton blend, heritage buff, pewter, Ottawa creek I & II, and sandstone.  There is sure to be a selection for every home and landscape. The installation uses a brick edger to cut out the bed line and angle so the pavers will be even with the turf on the outside, sloping up to show the appearance of the paver and create a lip on the bed side to help hold in the decorative rock or mulch.


When you are looking to create a backyard entertainment area, nothing looks better than a beautifully designed and installed brick paver patio and no one does this better than Kiefer Landscaping. With brick patios you have so many more options to choose from than concrete. You have numerous color choices in which you can mix and match. You can also choose from several different patterns, all of which will enhance the beauty of your patio and make it stand above the rest.  Our experienced designers can design a patio to meet your specific needs no matter the requirements. Whether you need a change in elevation to get the two tier look or you need to incorporate some existing elements we can make it happen.

We guarantee our brick paver patio’s because we know nobody can install a better patio and we install them to the exact engineered specifications. We start by excavating the area a minimum of 10” down from the desired elevation of the top of the patio. Next we install a minimum 6″ base of CA6, compacting it in layers of 3” to ensure good compaction and checking the elevations to ensure the correct level and desired fall away from the house or any other objects. The next step is to install and level a 1” layer of sand for a bedding to set the pavers on and to take out any imperfections in the CA6 base ensuring the patio is level and flows together. After installing the pavers on the sand bedding and tapping them into place with a dead blow we install diamond edging on all open edges to hold the patio tight and then we sweep in the polymeric stabilizing sand into all the seams and dampen it to lock in the patio of your dreams.

Custom paver patio with LED lighting.

A lighter tumbled paver inlay adds the accent the homeowner was searching for.


If you looking to add or replace a walkway around your home or office, check into one of our brick paver walkway’s. When you compare a brick walkway to concrete the brick is by far a better option. Pricing is comparable, you have so many more color and blend choices with brick, you can also choose from numerous patterns that you cannot do with concrete.  There will be no cracking with brick and if an area gets chipped or damaged you can simply replace the damaged bricks and it is as good as new. And with Kiefer Landscaping you get a guarantee that your brick walkway will not settle.

Heritage Buff Paver Walkway w/ Charcoal Paver Soldier Course

Mixing Paver color's adds the depth and character to match anyone's personality


Are you tired of coming home from a long day at the office and pulling onto your boring concrete driveway that just doesn’t catch anyones attention?  Have you ever thought of replacing it with an eye popping brick driveway? With so many styles, colors, blends, and patterns to choose from, we can help you find the perfect match for your home. Some people think that a brick driveway will never hold up like concrete and will settle over time, rest assured that if our crew is installing your project it will be done properly, is guaranteed and we have installed numerous brick driveways around the area with great success. Just think for a minute, have you ever had a concrete driveway crack, have you ever scratched, chipped, or damaged your concrete driveway to a point that it is an eye sore but there is no good way to fix it. Now imagine having a beautiful brick driveway and you chip the edge with your lawn mower or drop something very heavy and take a chuck out of a brick, give us a call and we will come out and replace the damaged areas and you will never be able to tell anything ever happened. Also, with brick pavers there is no cracking because they are all individual bricks working as a cohesive unit.  As previously stated we guarantee our brick driveways will not settle

A Driveway that is sure to catch anyone's attention!

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