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Depending on conditions of the current year and even the previous years it is very difficult to control Yellow Nutsedge.

File size :1.9MB(1951160Bytes)

Shoot date :2002/09/05 12:35:32

Picture size :2560 x 1920

Resolution :72 x 72 dpi

Number of bits :8bit/channel

Protection attribute :Off

Hide Attribute :Off

Camera ID :N/A

Model name :E5000

Quality mode :FINE

Metering mode :Patial

Exposure mode :Programmed auto

Flash :No

Focal length :7.1 mm

Shutter speed :1/284.9second

Aperture :F5.0

Exposure compensation :0 EV

Fixed white balance :Auto

Lens :Built-in

Flash sync mode :N/A

Exposure difference :N/A

Flexible program :N/A

Sensitivity :Auto

Sharpening :Auto

Curve mode :N/A

Color mode :COLOR

Tone compensation :AUTO

Latitude(GPS) :N/A

Longitude(GPS) :N/A

Altitude(GPS) :N/A

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