Fall Leaf Removal; Questions & Answers!

On November 14, 2011, in Fall Lawn Care, by Admin
Q:  Why is it necessary to take leaves off of the lawn?

A: Lawns need to “breathe”, and they can become smothered by leaf build-up, leading to problems such as snow-mold. Fall is an important time when lawns are blessed with sufficient sunlight, nutrients & water, and enjoying temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot, cool season grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass revitalize themselves in the fall. A thick layer of fallen leaves can impede on the growth of these grasses. They can deprive the grass of one of the key elements: Sunlight. If not raked up in time, a thick and/or matted layer of fallen leaves casts excessive shade over the grass below.

Q:  How long can leaves sit on the lawn before raking?

A: Leaving leaves on the lawn for more than three of four days may be unwise. Other factors also play a significant role. How thick is the layer of leaves? Have the leaves been matted down by the rain? The thicker the layer and/or the wetter the leaves, the sooner you should rake or otherwise remove them. What type of leaf removal equipment will be working with? If you use a leaf blower properly, you may be able to pick up the leaves faster than you would using a rake, allowing you to procrastinate a bit longer. But using leaf blowers isn’t for everyone.

One time saving method for leaf removal, that by preclude having either to blow or rake leaves, is to use a mulching mower instead.

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