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Cherry Tree, Kwanzan

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Description:� The Kwanzan Cherry has double pink flowers and a vase-shaped form with a rounded crown. The new leaves are bronze colored, turning to dark green, then yellow, orange, or copper in the Fall. It is a fruitless cultivar. Kwanzan Cherry's are easily transplanted; it prefers a site with full sun, loose, well drained soil with plenty of moisture. It is somewhat tolerant of alkaline soil and drought but is sensitive to pollution and stresses in general.

Common Name:� Kwanzan Cherry Tree

Scientific Name:�Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan'

Type:� Deciduous, Tree

Exposure:�Full Sun - Partial Shade

Size:�15-30' height, 15-30' spread

Foliage Color:� Bronze/Dark Green

Bloom Color: Pink

Bloom Period: Spring

Landscape Use:� Specimen, Line Drive

Soil:� Well-Drained, Moist

Zone:� 5 - 9

Growth Rate:� Moderate

Companion Plants:Dogwood, Azalea, Rhododendron, Weeping Willow

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