Plant Information Index: Grass Regal Mist (Pink Muhly)

Grass, Regal Mist (Pink Muhly)

Regal Mist (Pink Muhly) Grass

Description:  Clumping ornamental grass. Rounded, mounding habit. Bright to dark green, thin, wiry foliage. Airy, purple-pink to reddish plumes hover in a cloud above the foliage. Plumes turn tan as seeds mature. May turn tan in frost conditions, otherwise mainly evergreen in our area. For best look cut down to around 3 to 5 inches above the ground in late winter or early spring. May brown out in summer if given insufficient water.

Common Name:  Regal Mist (Pink Muhly) Grass

Scientific Name: Muhlenbergia capillaris

Type:  Perennial, Ornamental Grass

Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Size: 2-3’ height, 3-4’ spread

Foliage Color:  Green

Bloom Color: Pink

Bloom Period: Late Summer - Fall

Landscape Use:  Accent, Annual Flower Bed,Containers / Planters, Entryway, Erosion Control, Focal Point Specimen, Foundation, Garden Pond, Landscape Beds, Mass Planting, Median Strips, Outdoor Living Areas, Perennial Garden, Shrub Border, Small Groups, Woodland Border

Soil:  Well-Drained

Zone:  5 - 10

Growth Rate:  Moderate

Companion Plants: Little Zebra Grass, Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass

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