Caryopteris Dark Knight

Caryopteris, Dark Knight

Dark Knight Caryopteris

Description:  ‘Dark Knight’ (also commonly called blue spirea, blue mist, or bluebeard) is a low-mounded, deciduous shrub that is valued for its aromatic foliage and late summer flowers which are said to resemble clouds of blue smoke or mist. 'Dark Knight' features a profuse, shrub-covering bloom of fragrant, deep bluish-purple flowers in large clusters from late summer into fall. Ovate to lance-shaped, dull green leaves (to 1.5" long) are silvery below. Foliage is aromatic when brushed with a hand. Flowers are very attractive to butterflies and other beneficial insects.

Common Name:  Dark Knight Caryopteris

Scientific Name:  Caryopteris clandonensis 'Dark Knight'

Type:  Perennial, Shrub

Exposure:  Full Sun - Partial Shade

Size:  2-3’ height, 2-3’ spread

Bloom Color:  Dark Purple

Bloom Period:  Summer - Fall

Foliage Color:  Gray / Green

Landscape Use:  Garden Pond, Landscape Beds, Outdoor Living Areas, Perennial Garden, Small Groups, Woodland Border, Butterfly/Cottage Garden

Soil:  Well-Drained

Growth Rate:  Fast

Zone:  5 - 9

Companion Plants:  Dwarf Burning Bush, Boxwood, Roses, Purple Coneflower, Black-Eyed Susan, Ornamental Grasses

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